Hogacre Common Eco Park is an inspirational resource for those recognising the need to act locally to tackle climate change.

On 14 acres of land a new community space is growing, where biodiversity is encouraged, renewable resources are nurtured and harvested and where local production is king.

Since 2010, when West Oxford Community Renewables took on a field previously used as a college sports ground, the local community have come together to undertake lots of new low carbon projects on the land.

The land and projects are managed by a Community Interest Company (CIC) called Hogacre Common Eco Park CIC. This is a type of social enterprise with the form of a company but motivated by public good and reinvesting profits back into its local community.

Hogacre Common Eco Park CIC works in partnership with local organisations, businesses and community groups to make all the Eco Park projects  possible.

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