Welcome to Hogacre

Hogacre Common is a fourteen acre site less than a mile from the centre of Oxford, to the south-west of the City and within its fertile flood plains. Bounded by streams on three sides and only accessible by foot, it features field, woodland and aquatic habitats and hosts low carbon community activities and events.

Formally the sports ground for Corpus Christi college, it has been leased to the community since 2011 for a jar of honey a year!

   Events at Hogacre Common

Thank you for making our Harvest Festival such a success!

Hogacre meadow has been mown. First we cut – scything and mowing. We left the grass to dry. We raked it into windrows. We baled the hay – 100+ bales!
We look forward to using it for growing veg next year.

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Scything the meadow in 2019 before social distancing was invented!

Come and see what you can find at Hogacre!

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Photos CCC archive, Talia Woodin and Deborah Glass Woodin