Welcome to Hogacre

Hogacre Common is a fourteen acre site less than a mile from the centre of Oxford, to the south-west of the City and within its fertile flood plains. Bounded by streams on three sides and only accessible by foot, it features field, woodland and aquatic habitats and hosts low carbon community activities and events.

National Meadows Day – Saturday 4th July!

 Come and see the former cricket pitch, now ‘meadow in progress’! Lie and gaze at the sky, bring a picnic, or just admire the slowly returning meadow flowers… Here

Last year we won a grant for exciting collaborative projects with Oxfordshire CPRE, including disabled access and info boards. For details, see ‘Awards‘.

Formally the sports ground for Corpus Christi college, it has been leased to the community since 2011 for a jar of honey a year!

Activities, events and projects are made possible by volunteers from the local community. Get involved. Let us know what you would like to do.

The Pavilion is being refurbished, so the site is not available for hire just now, though we are happy to take provisional bookings for later in the year – do get in touch if you are considering an event here.

Activities are continuing regularly as this is an important food-growing site, and we have new projects in the pipeline.

Look how they’ve grown!

Come and visit – nature doesn’t do lockdown and there are always magical things to see..

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Photos CCC archive, Talia Woodin and Deborah Glass Woodin